Tables & Activity

The Tables & Activity tab is where you can see data that is flowing into your API. You can see data flowing in here from Google Sheets and/or Airtable, from API users interacting with your API, as well as External APIs that are running in the background.
It only shows the latest 100 records for each table defined within your project.
The tab itself is simple in its purpose: to allow you to peek into what's going on with the API somewhat, and to allow you to purge a table from the cache.
Generally speaking, you should never really need to purge a table from the cache in an ideal world. It's why when you click the button "Purge From Cache", SheetDream will ask you to make sure you know what you're doing.

Purging From The Cache

Purging from the cache will essentially disable your API until the next sync occurs. For Google Sheets and Airtable, that's every couple of minutes. For External API data sources, the next sync will be dependent on how often you have your API polling setup to run (e.g. every 1 minute, every 10 minutes, etc.).
Generally you won't need to ever purge data from the cache. SheetDream will successfully synchronize your data in a predictable manner and everything will look correct.
But occasionally, usually when you're first setting up your project, you may somehow get some "bad data" in there. Either a column you didn't mean to include that you don't want showing up, or something else you didn't intend for. Purging the table from the cache will bring things back to a known state after the next sync.

Known Grid Bug: "Shifting" and Duplicate Column Names

The React data grid control we're using has a bug where column names can get jumbled up when you start scrolling through the data on certain browsers. If you happen to notice this sort of behavior, understand it's just a visual glitch and there is nothing actually wrong with your data. Refreshing the tab will reveal that all is OK!
Last modified 1yr ago