Embedding & Code

SheetDream provides a series of code generation tools to help aid you in calling your new API, and in the case of HTML, to aid you in quickly getting your spreadsheet data up in a neat format on your website or app.
The central idea and workflow behind the code generation tools is:
  • After generating your API and importing your spreadsheet(s), head to Embedding & Code and select your target platform. Currently JavaScript, TypeScript, and HTML are supported (with more to be added in the future, such as React!)
  • From there, you tweak any of the parameters your target platform has exposed. JavaScript and TypeScript both expose relatively simple parameters (table name, API method and platform), but HTML exposes a host of different options for customizing the generated code.
  • Generate the code, and copy + paste it into a live code editing app like JSFiddle. This allows you to quickly tweak HTML/CSS and see how your live data looks, without having to go through any kind of a "update the CMS page, save, view, repeat" type process. Instead you tweak the code and hit "Run".
  • Once things look to your liking, you can copy your code from JSFiddle and then update your CMS page to display your data live on your website.
The code generation tools, and using tools like JSFiddle, CodePen or Stackblitz for quickly iterating on the HTML or code allows for truly rapid application development. You can literally get something pretty up and going in just minutes!